Save in Guelph

Artikel in de Guelph Mercury Tribune over de veiligheid van Guelph.

Net Nederland. Let ook op de naam van de politie chef.
De Guelph Mercury Tribune schrijft begin augustus:
‘Guelph no longer holds the title of safest city in the country or in the province, but it’s still a safe community, says Guelph police Chief Jeff DeRuyter.
Guelph is ranked the 10th safest city in the country.
This may seem like a long fall from sitting in de no. 2 position just three years earlier and holding the title of safest city in the country for five years in a row between 2007 and 2011, but much of the slide is based on a rise in property crimes, DeRuyter said.
DeRuyter said this increase is partially driven by drug addiction and substance abuse issues.
‘We have issues in our community, whether it’s related to crystal meth, or other illicit drugs and unfortunately property crime, in some ways, supports those that are trying to get illegal drugs.’
Incidents of bike thefts, theft from vehicles and residential break-ins also contributed to the rise in property crime.’ ©

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